Business Excellence Award Winners


Last week, I accepted an award on behalf of our family business, Giorgio Dental. This honour was bestowed on us by the NBAA.

The NBAA Awards are a partnership of industry, education, local and state government and decision makers across Melbourne’s north and essential events for those seeking to do business in the region. They recognise the business achievements of SMEs and encourage business excellence, growth and competitiveness.

Melbourne’s north currently has a population of over 900,000 people and is expected to grow by over 400,000 people over the next 20 years. Melbourne’s north comprises over 69,000 businesses and is a major contributor to State GDP.


The category we accepted the award for would’ve seemed the most unlikely category for a Australian Dental Laboratory – excellence in Exporting.


The scary truth is that a great number of Dental prosthetics are produced entirely overseas in low labor cost markets with Australian Laboratories closing and talent making an exodus from the Industry as a result.

Some years back as the Asian Outsourcing model was in full swing, the last thing many technicians were thinking about was exporting.

They just wanted to maintain what they had here in Australia. In their towns, their cities and their states. If they were lucky they might have a couple of clients interstate.

Rather than buying into the media hype and the perception that Australian Manufacturing is dying a slow death of decreased regulation and open trade borders, we found a gap in the market.

1r0a1451-2Our family have always believed that our Laboratory produces Prosthesis that are world-class. Never mind just maintaining our Australian client base – we’re good enough to take on the World.

Our total adoption of Digital Workflows through Additive Manufacturing – that’s 3D Printing for those playing at home, and CAD-CAM actually makes it advantageous to manufacture here, in Melbourne’s North.

Instead of being concerned of holding onto our portion of the Australian market here and weathering the storm of the new players entering, we are now planning on aggressively exporting into the markets from which these competitors are based.

The recognition given to us by the NBAA and various Government departments has emboldened and encouraged us to push ahead with our vision.

Our New Zealand Dentists are amongst the most loyal and engaging clients we have come across and give us great confidence in pursuing our dreams in spreading the story of Australian Dental prosthetics far from our shores whilst maintaining our standards here in our backyard.

That’s quite an unforeseen change but a realistic and exciting one.

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