George Thalassinos was raised by his hardworking migrant parents in Melbourne’s inner North. With this ingrained mentality, he rose through the ranks of his industry in the 1980s to become one of the leading Dental Ceramists in Australia.

It was with a tone of inevitability that in 1991, he established a Laboratory known for its dedication to customer service and a ‘no stone unturned’ ethos. The tagline ‘Committed to Excellence’ was inaugurated in that year and is a mantra adopted by all employees at Giorgio Dental.

George is a specialist in all facets of Dental Implants and Cosmetic dentistry and has lectured extensively abroad and locally on these subjects. His involvement in product development for global giants such as 3M.ESPE and Nobel Biocare sets him apart from his peers and bears evidence of a tangible contribution to the Dental Industry.

His other major contributions are his patented inventions, in particular, the Giorgio Sectional Bridge. The GSB is a cosmetic fixed removable provisional without cementation used during osseo-integration of implants. This invention involved an obligatory lecture tour and a place at the Nobel Biocare Las Vegas Symposium in 2005 attended by 25,000 Dental Professionals from all over the globe.

More recently, George, with the assistance of his CAD-CAM team led ably by his son, Ross, developed a new Monolithic Zirconia product which has truly excited our client base and new clients all over Australia. George calls it “the Unbreakable GIO.BRUX Crown.” It has a lifetime warranty and is fully guaranteed against breakages.

Despite over 30 years in this Industry, George continues to evolve and educate himself at every opportunity. This includes courses at the Las Vegas Institute (Las Vegas, Nevada), enabling him to join an exclusive group of dental professionals to partake in studies related to Neuromuscular Dentistry. This thorough understanding of the Occlusal Relationship is important to a holistic approach to the Restorative Process and is therefore evident in our resulting work.

As director of a truly full service laboratory, the knowledge of all aspects of Cosmetic and Restorative dentistry are vital. George offers his views, experience, advice and support to clients facing challenges in servicing patients on a daily basis.

This experience and guidance extends to our staff as well as our clients. Giorgio Dental is a family owned and run laboratory with George’s two eldest sons carrying on the tradition with great effect.

Aside from his passion for creating aesthetic dentistry, George has a number of hobbies including soccer (still playing weekly), jet-skiing, boating and enjoying good food and wine in the company of his wife Angela and his three sons.