Giorgio Inventions

in·vent: to produce (as something useful) for the first time through the use of the imagination or of ingenious thinking and experiment.

George has always aimed to solve problems. This passion for problem solving has been passed on as an example to his staff and with this passion, some of the most important developments in our industry have transpired.

We are always working on new and exciting advancements for our Industry including milled monolithic zirconia crowns. Our GIO.BRUX™ Crown is unlike any other. It is UNBREAKABLE and therefore has a lifetime warranty. The thing that makes it unique is it’s aesthetics which no other monolithic zirconia can match due to our exclusive milling and staining techniques. To find out more click here or call us!

The Giorgio Sectional Bridge® is a patented product designed by George purely to solve a problem with quite a demanding patient. The patient was a high-profile Australian actor who was very reluctant to wear a temporary during treatment for an Implant case. George presented the treating Dentist with the very first GSB soon after. The GSB is a provisional without cementation used during the osseointegration of implants. It has many other applications including treatment for Periodontal cases and as a space maintainer. To find out more click here.

The Giorgio Implant Abutment we concede is no invention however it is a time and cost saver for our clients. Due to our CAD-CAM facilities, we have been given the opportunity to develop our milling capability and enhance our product offerings to clientele. The GIA is designed and milled in-house at a fraction of a cost of more expensive abutments enabling you to offer more choices to your patients. Find out more here.

With our extensive experience in Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry, you can be sure that there is another advancement or original idea out there ready to solve the next problem that we may come across. George’s passion and drive proves infectious to his family and staff and keeps us at the cutting edge of Dental Technology.