Mouthguards were developed early in the 20th century for English boxers to reduce the incidence of tooth fractures and these days generally most people believe that protection is the only feature that a Mouthguard possesses.

There are conflicting theories of the other functions that Mouthguards may or may not perform. There is a long-held myth that Mouthguards reduce the incidence of concussion which has since been proven to be false or inconclusive by many University studies. Another popular theory is that a physiologically designed Mouthguard does improve not inhibit the performance of athletes.

In the late 1970s, a number of US College and NFL Football teams researched the benefits of physiologically designed Mouthguards. The majority found that musculoskeletal injuries had reduced and muscular strength increased throughout the body, especially the core. In years since, other studies have shown increases in endurance, resistance ability and lower perceived exertion in endurance athletes such as long distance runners.

Giorgio Dental have been manufacturing professional mouthguards for over 20 years for amateur and professional athletes from a range of sports. Our founder and owner George Thalassinos is an LVI trained technician and fellow (Las Vegas Institute). The LVI principles are centered largely on creating harmony between the bony jaw joint and the articulation between the teeth. So quite simply, the relationship between the upper and the lower jaw. This neuromuscular approach to Dentistry is not new, in fact it is traditionally a fundamental basis for oral and general health.

Our belief is that a correlation exists between jaw position, oral muscle strength and overall muscle strength and endurance of the body. The approach we take is that we continue to make high quality mouthguards and splints with the neuromuscular principles in mind.

It is with this approach that we produce the Neuroguard. It differs from our regular guards where the jaw relationship is studied for each patient prior to producing the appliance. We offer it as a training guard, the Neuroguard Bite, where the guard is formed as a hard splint which is particularly popular with weight trainers or as the Neuroguard PROtect which is worn to protect your teeth as a regular mouthguard would on competitive game days.

The same high quality dual laminated material is used for our regular guards as well as our Neuroguard appliances. Breathability, comfort and clear speech are of paramount importance and we guarantee that all our Mouthguard products adhere to the standards we claim.

To know more about the LVI approach. Feel free to call the Laboratory to speak to George and he will be delighted to help.

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