Giorgio Implant Abutment


Implant components contribute to the sometimes prohibitive cost of Dental Implant work.

Giorgio Dental is able to provide a more cost-effective alternative for its clients with the Giorgio Implant Abutment.

The G.I.A is Australian-made. In fact we make the abutments in-house with the use of our world-leading CAD-CAM systems. Despite the cost-savings for our clients and their patients, there is no compromise on the quality of these abutments and we recommend them for a number of implant cases.

Another clear advantage is the fact that using the G.I.A will save you time as well as money. The abutment is produced within one business day which is quicker than ordering and receiving an implant abutment in the mail. This is great for those cases that have strict deadlines.

To know more about the Giorgio Implant Abutment or how you can use them to save you time and money, give George a call at the laboratory and he’ll be delighted to help.