Giorgio Sectional Bridge®

Cosmetic fixed removable with unsurpassed aesthetics and function.
The Giorgio Sectional Bridge® is a patented product invented by George Thalassinos purely to solve a problem with quite a demanding patient.
The patient was a high-profile Australian actor who was very reluctant to wear a temporary during treatment for an Implant case. George presented the treating Dentist with the very first GSB soon after.
The GSB is a provisional without cementation used during the osseointegration of implants. It has many other applications including treatment for Periodontal cases and as a space maintainer. There are many reasons why so many of our clients love the GSB.

  • Unsurpassed aesthetics as well as function
  • Enhances patients confidence
  • Insertion and removal in minutes by practitioner
  • Many other applications including Periodontal work and space maintainer

The invention has been presented at many Industry exhibitions since its invention in the late 90s including the Nobel Biocare Symposium in Las Vegas in 2003 where George presented the GSB as finalist in the Innovation Awards.
To know more about the GSB, feel free to call the Lab and speak to George.