Occlusal Splints


Occlusal Splints otherwise known as Nightguards, Talon Splints or Bite Plates are manufactured for a number of important uses including:

  • TMJ treatment
  • Bruxism
  • Protection of existing dentition
  • Protection of new dental restoration

These removable devices are now manufactured in two ways. The original, popular and orthodox method is to custom-make the Splint with heat cured resin moulded to fit the occlusal surfaces of the teeth on either a Plaster model poured from a Physical impression or from a 3D resin printed model. The materials used for this method are the most premium available including Clear Splint and Proform. 

The other method which Giorgio Dental has played a major role in developing in the Australian market, is to design the Splint in CAD from an Intraoral scan and mill the Splint in strong, high quality material by WhitePeaks (Germany). The resulting appliance is then supplied with a 3D printed model. This new application is revolutionary from the perspective of Occlusal relationship analysis and design and from the perspective of sustainable manufacturing and patient comfort.