Partial Denture Castings


Aesthetically pleasing, comfortable fit and strength by design.

Our highly-trained technicians have an advanced technique and wide experience in partial denture designs. Staff are trained by George who has been a qualified Dental Prosthetist for over 20 years. This experience ensures our castings are produced with the patient’s specific needs especially in mind. Quite simply, our staff design the denture as if we were fitting it in the patients mouth ourselves.

We use high-tensile-strength cobalt chromium and design the finest ultra thin frameworks and strong, clasps that are stain-resistant and lightweight. We can also coat anterior pins, backings and clasps in Sinfony shades to enhance the aesthetics of the denture. We are also able to do castings in Titanium and Gold.

Our Prosthetics department work closely with the Casting departments and are ready and able to add teeth from the bite stage through to finish.