GIO.ZIRC Layered Zirconia Crown


Giorgio Dental utilises the highest quality materials from White Peaks Dental Solutions Germany for all Zirconia Crown cases. Total product control is achieved from our in-lab milled Zirconia copings through to the finished layered Noritake porcelain.

The high quality cold isostatic pressed (CIP) zirconium dioxide material can be used for a number of applications from the primary elements of telescopic crowns to 16 unit bridges and individualised implant abutments.

This material differs from commercially available zirconium dioxides in that it is especially homogenous. This is achieved in a special in-house manufacturing process and gives an excellent fit, even in the case of large restorations.

Zirconia Crowns are also available with the use of Nobel Biocare Procera and 3M ESPE Lava systems. Giorgio Dental is a preferred supplier for both systems and an in-lab scanner for Nobel Biocare Procera.


  • Fully biocompatible
  • Fully ceramic ZrO2 framework
  • Material for excellent aesthetics and a wide range of applications
  • Very high strength technical ceramic
  • Offers the especially pleasing appearance of full ceramics
  • Best fit even for the largest spans
  • High resistance to ageing
  • Homogenous and very fine grain structure


Crushing Strength 2.000 MPa
Density >6.0g/cm3
Vickers Hardness 1.300 HV10
Composition Zirconium Dioxide 99%
Aluminium Oxide 0.5%
Other Oxides 0.5%