Sustainability through Innovation. Why your Lab should be doing it too.



It’s been a whirlwind journey since our Family Business decided that it was time to continue on the visionary and innovative path set by our founder and Director, George Thalassinos.

You see, its easy, very easy to throw your hands up in the air and say that Australian Manufacturing is dead in the water. It’s also very easy to say that establishing sustainable processes that have positive impacts on the environment is a costly and time consuming exercise.

We could have done that. But, we didn’t. We believed in ourselves. We believed that not only we could compete but we could thrive.

We have already seen transitional changes in Dental Laboratories in the past few years. The slope has turned slippery in the most dramatic fashion. I have witnessed Laboratories go from producing Australian-made work, to outsourcing to overseas manufacturers, to being invested in by International backers and then finally being bought out by the same offshore Laboratories that they were outsourcing to. 

The result? The loss of hundreds of Dental Technician positions and even the loss of control and equity in an Industry serving Australian patients.

But, its not all doom and gloom. We are proof. Giorgio Dental Laboratory is proud to set an example of Australian Manufacturing that has thrived in the so called ‘post Australian Manufacturing’ climate.

What we have proved is that by making the necessary, targeted investments in Innovative equipment, software, training and processes, we can compete on a World stage.

Our Crowns are produced quicker – quicker than the time it takes to fly to these outsourced Labs.

They are fully Melbourne-made and representative of the highest standards of quality and accuracy that we and our Industry demand.

Giorgio Dental has kept jobs here. We continue to hire more technicians and support staff every month. We upskill and train every staff member to be representative of our tagline ‘Committed to Excellence’

We have done this whilst engaging in more sustainable practices such as 3D Printing, CAD-CAM milling, the encouragement and facilitation of Intraoral scanning as well as reduction in the use of unrecyclable materials throughout every department in the Lab.

Rather than place an unnecessary burden on our bottom line, the emphasis on Sustainable and Innovative processes have already reaped their rewards and our expectation is that this mindset will continue to do so for many years to come.

Your Lab can do it too, in fact, most Labs can. The initial investments required in establishing Digital Workflows aren’t as prohibitive as it once was. The transition back to Australian Manufacturing might be initially uncomfortable, like a new pair of shoes, but with time, the effects on the Industry will be positive and at least this Australian Manufacturing story will continue.

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