Giorgio Dental has strived to ensure that our processes are both innovative and sustainable. Since making the gradual transition to 3D printing our Dental Models, the Laboratory has already saved 6 tonnes of unrecyclable Dental Plaster, gigalitres of water and many other associated efficiency savings. These savings have also contributed to our competitiveness on a global scale including against the Outsourcing market. 

Our materials efficiency represents a positive effect on the environment without any negative effect on our bottom line providing a great example for other Laboratories in Australia.

Together with Sustainability Victoria and other associated departments in the Victorian Government, Giorgio Dental have established a number of initiatives and projects to improve Materials Efficiency, create and reskill jobs and at the same time increase our ability as a business to thrive as a Laboratory producing Australian-made products whilst other such entities have fallen by the wayside.



In May 2016, Sam Thalassinos, General Manager of Giorgio Dental was interviewed on National Television by Jon Dee on his Smart Money show. The show is a prime time TV program on the Sky News Money and Sky News Business channels. 

Jon is the co-founder of Planet Ark, DoSomething and together with Olivia Newton-John founded National Tree Day.

They spoke about business and sustainability and how Giorgio Dental reduces its environmental impact without incurring a negative impact on the bottom line. 

The program airs live at 6.30pm every Wednesday from the studios at Sky News Business Channel (Channel 602). It is also repeated at 9.30pm.  

If you didn’t get the chance to see the show, you can see the video here.