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Sustainability through Innovation. Why your Lab should be doing it too.

  It’s been a whirlwind journey since our Family Business decided that it was time to continue on the visionary and innovative path set by our founder and Director, George Thalassinos. You see, its easy, very easy to throw your hands up in the air and say that Australian Manufacturing is dead in the water. It’s also very easy to say that establishing sustainable processes that have positive impacts on the environment is a costly and time consuming exercise. We could have done that. But, we didn’t. We believed in ourselves. We believed that not only we could compete but we could[READ MORE]


Like many manufacturing industries in Australia, the production of Dental Prosthesis has become increasingly competitive. The age of outsourcing part of or the entire Production Process has become the norm rather than the exception. This doesn’t necessarily mean the processes are taken offshore, although it seems most of them are in this climate. A great deal of outsourcing takes places within Australia especially in the areas of Digital Dentistry where CAD-CAM Manufacturing and 3D Printing are concerned. As a second generation manager of a Dental Laboratory, I have seen the changes in Laboratories adopting varying production strategies to enable more[READ MORE]

Leading the way in the Digital Age

Although we here at Giorgio Dental pride ourselves on our 20 plus year history and our traditional, family oriented approach to producing dental prosthesis, we have always recoignised and promoted the importance of innovation to the Dental Industry. Our staff are always encouraged to think laterally and innovate on a daily basis and be constantly striving for improvement in their techniques and approaches to even the most menial of tasks. Industry leading innovations such as the Giorgio Sectional Bridge® and the GIO.BRUX™ Monolithic Zirconia Crown were thought up because of this mindset. The GSB was invented almost 20 years ago[READ MORE]