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Like many manufacturing industries in Australia, the production of Dental Prosthesis has become increasingly competitive. The age of outsourcing part of or the entire Production Process has become the norm rather than the exception. This doesn’t necessarily mean the processes are taken offshore, although it seems most of them are in this climate. A great deal of outsourcing takes places within Australia especially in the areas of Digital Dentistry where CAD-CAM Manufacturing and 3D Printing are concerned. As a second generation manager of a Dental Laboratory, I have seen the changes in Laboratories adopting varying production strategies to enable more[READ MORE]

Our New CBD Lab

Giorgio Dental has two state-of-the-art facilities which it calls home. This includes our main Laboratory in Coburg and our brand new research and development facility at Melbourne University’s Dental Clinic in Melbourne’s CBD. The University established a Faculty of Dental Science in 1904 and since then its program is widely acknowledged as the best in Australia attracting students from all over Australia and abroad. Since the early 90′s Giorgio Dental became heavily involved in the education of students in their final year of studies through our sponsorship program. This has given opportunities to dozens of students to understand the Laboratory process[READ MORE]