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Leading the way in the Digital Age

Although we here at Giorgio Dental pride ourselves on our 20 plus year history and our traditional, family oriented approach to producing dental prosthesis, we have always recoignised and promoted the importance of innovation to the Dental Industry. Our staff are always encouraged to think laterally and innovate on a daily basis and be constantly striving for improvement in their techniques and approaches to even the most menial of tasks. Industry leading innovations such as the Giorgio Sectional Bridge® and the GIO.BRUX™ Monolithic Zirconia Crown were thought up because of this mindset. The GSB was invented almost 20 years ago[READ MORE]


Many national dental bodies around the world acknowledge that today’s patient relies heavily on the internet as a source for research when considering dental treatment. In fact, online research for dental treatment is the most utilised method of research for prospective patients rather than the traditional visit to your local dentist.  This is particularly prevalent when the research is focused on cosmetic and restorative procedures. The source of this particular information must be trustworthy and have expansive credibility and knowledge of the subject matter at hand. With over 30 years of direct involvement in the Dental Industry in Australia we,[READ MORE]