Many national dental bodies around the world acknowledge that today’s patient relies heavily on the internet as a source for research when considering dental treatment. In fact, online research for dental treatment is the most utilised method of research for prospective patients rather than the traditional visit to your local dentist.  This is particularly prevalent when the research is focused on cosmetic and restorative procedures.

The source of this particular information must be trustworthy and have expansive credibility and knowledge of the subject matter at hand. With over 30 years of direct involvement in the Dental Industry in Australia we, as a Laboratory, have encountered Dental Practitioners from all corners of Australia with varying degrees of experiences and specialties.

Our partnership and Laboratory at Melbourne University has also given us ready access to postgraduates and dental specialists of varying disciplines. George himself has been directly involved in the development of Implantology including inventing the Giorgio Sectional Bridge®, CAD-CAM dentistry and product development for some of the largest Dental Companies in the Industry.

A vacumn of missing patients has been created due to the double pronged assault of the declining economy and the lack of a major government backed dental scheme. Speaking to some clients, we have noticed a downturn in returning patients and a reluctance by some patients to invest in more radical treatments.

We are here to help. You can become ‘Giorgio Referred’ and we can begin directing patients your way. Simply fill out an enquiry form and we will contact you with more details. The service does not attract any fees. Our pledge is to get more Australians to the right Dentist. We want Australia smiling.

Our website aims to be an important educational resource for patients who are researching dental treatments online. Your prospective patients can take the next step and fill out our ‘Find a Dentist’ form and be directed your way for treatment.

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