Using your Intraoral Scanner

Intraoral Scanning is a method and a technology that has hugely positive implications for the Dental Industry world-wide from a range of different perspectives. Improved efficiencies in time and cost are sometimes highlighted but certainly accuracy, patient comfort,  reduction of harmful waste, easier disinfection and the ability of Laboratories being able to work with Practices across the World are other important considerations.

With more and more Intraoral scanners and updates being introduced to Dentistry every year, it’s important to note that although there are subtle differences between each scanner, there are certain key goals that must be met to ensure a high quality scan. The key goals are covered in our intraoral-scanning-tips flyer. Take a look at it for some hints and ideas on how to achieve the best possible scan from your Intraoral Scanner.

At this point popular scanners on the market include:

3Shape Trios®

3M™ ESPE True Definition

Sirona Cerec®



Planmeca E4D

Dental Wings

We certainly don’t favour one over the other and can work with any platform on the market due to our determination to always maintain an ‘Open Digital Workflow’.

Should you not operate any Intraoral Scanners or need some further advice on getting the best out of your current set up, feel free to contact the Laboratory today to discuss Digital Workflows and what they can mean to your Practice.