Whitepeaks Dental Solutions – Industry leading materials


Our team are proud to use Whitepeaks materials for our Crowns, Bridges and Implant frameworks sourced from XYZ Dental – an Australian company that specialises in Digital Dentistry.

Utilising the best quality milling materials for our Digital Workflow production processes is important to the high degree of aesthetics and function we achieve in our resulting prosthesis.

Materials include Zirconia in varying degrees of translucency and strengths, PMMA, Non-precious sintering Chrome Cobalt and high grade Titanium. Another exciting development from Whitepeaks, PEEK, is a product that is used for metal-free superstructures, denture bases and many crown and bridge applications. 

Whitepeaks has exclusive use of raw materials from Tosoh, Japan – the world market leader for zirconium dioxides for our zirconium products.

Multilayered and High Translucent Zirconium dioxide produce restorations with unsurpassed aesthetics and industry leading strength. These materials are used to produce our popular GIO.BRUX™ One and Ultra Crowns as well as our GIO.ZIRC layered crowns.