So the reps from the big dental companies have been dropping in and plying you with loads of new buzzwords, enticements, notions of fear and shiny new folders containing equally shiny brochures telling you about Digital Workflows. They want you to jump on board and they don’t want you to miss out.

Labs will be just as excitable, gushing over the new intraoral scanners that they refer you to and the simplicity in which these best-thing-since-sliced-bread miracle machines integrate into your practice. These scanners coupled with your Labs ingenious CAD-CAD systems will deliver “more accurate and predictable results” This may be true, however, I believe the standards with which a Lab, and mind you, this author, adhere to should always demand the best possible result for each case despite what impression method is used.

It’s what this lab has been doing for over 20 years.

The truth is, you as a Dental Professional should be excited but at the same time measured. Giorgio Dental was one of the first proponents of CAD-CAM Dentistry in Australia and maintain its status as operating the most advanced CAD-CAM system in the Southern Hemisphere. We got to this stage through a combination of passionate innovation and careful research and analytics.

We have been well placed to test and develop the numerous technological advancements that have been introduced into our Industry including Intraoral Scanning, Impression scanning, Milling of countless types of material and 3D resin model printing.

After years of testing, wrong turns, upgrades, downgrades and lightbulb moments, we can confidently and boldly say that 2014 was the year that we proved that the Giorgio Dental is the leading Laboratory in Digital Workflows in Australasia. This belies our status as an Australian family owned and operated Laboratory producing Melbourne-made Crown & Bridge. We are proud of manufacturing in Australia in a climate where the words Australian and manufacturing are rarely mutually exclusive.

Our CAD-CAM facilities including several 3Shape scanners and milling machines from Wieland Zeno and iMES, cutting Zirconia copings, Monolithic Zirconia and Metal restorations as well as Titanium Implant bars for Hybrid or All-on-4 Dentures.

We also operate two 3D Printers from 3D Systems which produce resin printed dental models as well as prepare pressable ceramic restorations.

These assets provide the most important links in your Digital Workflow and work with all major Intraoral Scanners as Giorgio Dental has invested in holding all relevant user licenses in our Industry. A status achieved by no other Laboratory so far in Australia.

When considering entrance into the Digital Workflows system, speak to us. We’ve been there before and we will continue to be there.

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