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Industry leading developments like the first true Digital Workflow for a Dental Laboratory in Australia and the push towards plaster-free Dentistry are examples of a Laboratory aligning our Client’s needs with innovative solutions.

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Whilst Digital Technology has permanently changed the way our Laboratory performs many tasks for the better, our technicians play a vital role in adding intuitive touches and aesthetic quality to our prosthetics.

The traditional Laboratory Workflow has changed dramatically. Often, digital impressions are received via email and the 3D Resin model is printed immediately whilst the Dental Crown/Coping is designed and cut using our CAD-CAM systems.
What does not change is the last step where our Master Ceramists finalise your case to meet our stringent quality control standards.

The Most Advanced CAD-CAM in the Southern Hemisphere

Our labs feature the most progressive facilities in the industry. Here are some of its features:

Scan and design centre

iMES milling machines 
and Wieland Zeno

3D Printing

Milling Operations

Australian-made Certificate

As one of Australia’s largest privately owned laboratories, we are proud of our Australian-made policy and recognise the importance of assuring our client’s patients of our policy. Giorgio Dental is a Lab that performs all processes in Dental Restoration through our state-of-the-art Digital Workflows where 3D Resin Model Printing, CAD-CAM milling and hand finishing of porcelain crowns, bridges and implants are produced in-house.


Giorgio Dental has strived to ensure that our processes are both innovative and sustainable.
To name just one of our model sustainable practices, we use 3D printing.

The natural uptake of intraoral scanning by our clients combined with our impression scanning technology, which greatly reduces the need for the model pouring technique, will help us achieve our plaster-free goal.

Many of our practices set a new gold standard for energy and maternal efficiency, and naturally, our in-house production out performs outsourced markets any day.

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