Like many manufacturing industries in Australia, the production of Dental Prosthesis has become increasingly competitive.

The age of outsourcing part of or the entire Production Process has become the norm rather than the exception. This doesn’t necessarily mean the processes are taken offshore, although it seems most of them are in this climate. A great deal of outsourcing takes places within Australia especially in the areas of Digital Dentistry where CAD-CAM Manufacturing and 3D Printing are concerned.

As a second generation manager of a Dental Laboratory, I have seen the changes in Laboratories adopting varying production strategies to enable more efficient practices and therefore remain competitive in our growing market. I remember a more collegiate atmosphere of yesteryear where as a Dentist, your Lab was your Lab. 

Price sensitivity was a just a textbook term in an Economics course down the road in another faculty, loyalty programs were in their infancy – for airlines and your Lab completed your work in the one Lab, in the one Country.

Call us control freaks but we like the idea of that last tradition. Your work completed in the one Lab, in the one Country. This means TOTAL CONTROL.

Our Lab:

  • receives your Intraoral scans and designs your restoration (CAD)
  • manufactures your restorations including Crowns and Implant Components (CAM)
  • 3D Prints your models
  • Delivers your work with our own fleet of Giorgio Dental Cars (Melbourne Metro & Outer Suburbs) & Integrated Startrack Courier Service



The four elements that I’ve noted above represent best practice in our Industry and with these efficiency savings enable us to offer a compelling solution to Dentists Australasia-wide.

You can operate just about any Intraoral Scanner setup and we can receive the file, print your 3D Models and design and manufacture your restoration. We then deliver your case from our in-house Courier Service if you are situated in Melbourne or our Integrated Courier Solution in partnership with Startrack. Earlier this year, we moved to an integrated solution which allows us to track any case in real time ANYWHERE.

Giorgio GUARANTEES that we produce a competitively priced Restoration quicker and more accurately than any Laboratory worldwide.



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