GIO.BRUX™ Monolithic Zirconia

One of the challenges facing dentists today when treating patients restoratively is how to achieve strength and aesthetics simultaneously.

In the past where there is a conservative preparation, a full metal crown in non-precious metal or gold would be the only option. This is hardly an attractive proposition for a patient. Now, we have the option of monolithic zirconia restorations.

GIO.BRUX™ is a revolutionary monolithic restoration by the most innovative Dental Laboratory in Australia, Giorgio Dental.

Our restorations are designed and cut using the most advanced in-house CAD-CAM facilities in the Industry. All are stained and coloured by the best Crown & Bridge team in Australia.

As a solid Zirconia, it is constructed in one-piece, therefore there is no porcelain overlay. This eliminates chipping and guarantees strength. In fact, we claim it to be UNBREAKABLE. Therefore, we offer a lifetime warranty on all GIO.BRUX™ ONE restorations.

GIO.BRUX™ has many purposes including Bruxism cases, cases where biocompatibility is a concern and cases where conservative preparations are required.

What’s more, the restorations we produce are aesthetically pleasing especially when compared to Full Metal/Gold Crown cases. This gives your patient more choices when deciding upon the best restoration for them.